Wing Kei Greenview Long Term Care was opened in November 2018.  It provides 80 long term care beds and offers unique, cultural-specific programs and services for our residents.

The facility includes a main lounge, dining room, multi-purpose rooms, indoor garden, chapel and areas for leisure activities.  The chapel is surrounded by a greenhouse extending to the second and third floor.

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Chair with Armrest

Located throughout the facility, these chairs can be found in the Chapel, Activity Rooms, Dining Rooms, Residents' Rooms, and more!

CAD $500

Bed & Mattress

80 beds can be found in Wing Kei Greenview Long Term Care - one for each resident!

CAD $4,000

Private Room

Residents living in private rooms are able to personalize the space to their own tastes; allow for privacy and quiet while ensuring the resident remains part of a community.

CAD $30,000

Semi-Private Room

Semi-private rooms allow seniors to enjoy companionship during their residency at Wing Kei, including company with family members, spouses, or friends!

CAD $30,000


Benches can be found throughout Wing Kei Greenview Long Term Care's Outdoor Garden. Residents, family members, and staff who are enjoying an outing together frequently use the benches for rest and relaxation.

CAD $5,000

Blanket Warmer

An essential item to providing warmth and comfort, blanket warmers are available to all residents.

CAD $5,000

Charging Station

A charging station is a place to charge the mechanical lifts fully.

CAD $25,000

Nurse’s Office

Located on each unit, the Nurse’s Office is one of the first stops for the Care Team when they arrive to the unit to coordinate and administer care services to the residents.

CAD $50,000

Activity Room

The Activity Room is used for a variety of exercises that keep residents happy, healthy, and active! This may include recreation, physical and mental exercises, socializing, or pastoral services.

CAD $30,000

Dining Room

Residents and family members are able to share meals together in each unit's Dining area which not only encourages socializing and bonding, but also allows family members to spend time with their loved ones

CAD $50,000


Wing Kei meals are delivered from the Main Kitchen to each floor and distributed through the servery to each resident to enjoy their food together.

CAD $50,000

Medication Room

The Medication Room located on each floor allows Care Team to organize medical supplies for residents.

CAD $30,000

Parallel Bars

Parallel bars on each floor offer residents a safe way to work on exercises, gait training, and balance.

CAD $3,000

Wheelchair Scale

A wheelchair scale is a weighing scale large enough to accommodate a resident on a wheelchair with the easiest and safest weighing solution to eliminate any risk of failing.

CAD $3,000

Bariatric Bed

Bariatric bed delivers innovative support to help mobilize residents of size without compromising dignity.

CAD $5,000

Bariatric Room

To provide a safe and accessible environment for residents with bariatric care needs.

CAD $30,000

Tub Room

Each Tub Room allows staff to assist residents with cognitive and mobility limitations while ensuring they receive the highest standard of care in a sterile, safe, and secure environment.

CAD $30,000

Outdoor Garden

The outdoor garden provides a secure outdoor space for residents to take short walks, garden, or just to relax and enjoy some fresh air.

CAD $120,000


Located below the facility, the Parkade provides a secure location for staff and family members to leave their vehicles while they tend to or visit the residents.

CAD $100,000


Secured with card access, the elevators ensure that the right people have access to the building and that residents, family members, staff, and volunteers can safely maneuver throughout the site.

CAD $150,000