Wing Kei fundraising

Your unconditional gift helps Wing Kei meet the demand for senior services in Calgary.

Seniors are living longer than ever and their care needs are increasingly complex. By 2042, the number of seniors over 65 years of age in Calgary is projected to reach over 400,000 (up 250%+ from that in 2016). Our government forecasts the need for as many as 4,000 long term care beds before 2022. Since the beginning, Wing Kei serves a very culturally diverse Calgary population (31.5% visible minority) and we are committed to continue provide exemplary services and solution by working with the government to respond to this urgent need. Fund Development is extremely vital for Wing Kei to ensure that we can deliver the results, which includes providing quality care and programs to our seniors, and supporting family members in our community. 

Therefore, every penny counts and we need your support, right now!


* Donation to Wing Kei is eligible for valuable tax credits. To see your exact tax credit, visit the Canada Revenue Agency’s tax calculator for more information