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Our warm and comfortable home-like environment is rooted in a commitment to treat every resident with love and respect.

Career Opportunities

We invite you to join us in making a difference in the lives of seniors. Browse Opportunities

We are grateful for our team of wonderful staff. Their ideas and smiles make for light work. Our statistics tell a story about our team. We have among the lowest rates of turnover (5%) and sick time (1%) in the province. Staff attend meetings, training, workshops and conferences. They use best practice in doing their jobs, based on research and evidence. They are accountable to one another. They are earnest in planning, implementing and evaluating each individual resident’s care plan. 

In June 2019, we honored numerous staff who has served at Wing Kei for five, ten and fifteen years. This year, a total of 32 staff was recognized for their continued dedication and profound passions to do the work they do within Wing Kei. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers help improve the quality of life for our residents through a variety of activities.  Browse Opportunities 

Volunteers are an essential part of the Wing Kei team. Through a variety of activities including helping with recreational activities, providing companionship and more volunteers help improve the quality of life for residents. 


Meet our Wing Kei's volunteer - Amanda Yee

Some of Wing Kei's most notable volunteers have been with us since their school-age years, Amanda Yee is one of them. She provides tremendous support to our programs on a regular basis. But volunteering is a two-way street; you give and you get. What is her takeaway? Let's hear from Amanda about her story. 


Meet our Wing Kei's volunteer - Sean Lam

Sean has brought big smiles to many residents at Wing Kei, especially those who join the weekend programs such as Pastoral Services. Throughout these years, Sean has developed unique leadership skills. He is now one of the leaders in Wing Kei Youth Council. 


On April 13, 2019, we held our annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon to express our great appreciation for our volunteer’s collective love and commitment in making Wing Kei a great place for our seniors. 

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