Minister Pon's Visit to Wing Kei

To celebrate the 2019 Alberta Seniors' Week, the Minister of Seniors and Housing, the Honourable Josephine Pon made special visits to Wing Kei's all three facilities on June 2, 2019, including the Crescent Heights long-term care, Greenview supportive living, and Greenview long-term careMinister Pon was greeted by our executive and management teams, also by Wing Kei residents. 
Wing Kei was established 14 years ago to meet the long-term care needs of seniors in Calgary. We are honoured and pleased that Minister Pon has chosen to tour our facilities at the outset of Seniors’ Week in Alberta,” says Vincent Leung, the Board Chair of Wing Kei. Minister Pon shared many joyful moments with residents in the Sunday chapel service and recreation activities.
"Alberta has a strong history of attracting people from all over the world to pursue opportunity and free enterprise, in turn, creating a wonderful cultural mosaic. Our strong Chinese roots make up a beautiful part of this mosaic. Our government respects and supports Alberta's seniors by building new long-term care beds they need, encouraging more home care options, and maintaining existing seniors' benefits," says Minister Pon.
Wing Kei, which has recently been given the ‘Exemplary Status’ by Accreditation Canada, is committed to work with the government to address the needs of senior housing for different levels of care so that we make Alberta a better place for everyone. Currently, Wing Kei is serving a total of 320 residents in long-term care (225), supportive living (95), and Adult Day Program (64). Studies have shown that Alberta’s population is aging at a very fast pace. The needs for both supportive living and long-term care solutions for seniors in Calgary will remain high in the foreseeable future.
Check out our album below to see highlights of the Minister's visit. You can also support this cause by making a donation to Wing Kei.
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