Wing Kei Offers Regular Training on “Mental Health First Aid Seniors”

On October 5, 13 exciting graduates (family members, volunteers, staff) have just finished their 2-day nationally recognized certificate training, and proudly sharing that “I am trained to provide Mental Health First Aid”!

Mental Health First Aid Seniors (MHFA Seniors) is an international program active in over 20 countries.  In Canada, MHFA training and courses are developed and mandated through The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC).  Wing Kei believes in promoting mental health in seniors, we recognize the importance of early intervention, and that mental health knowledge is key to all.  Fortunate to have in house certified trainers, Wing Kei provides regular training on “MHFA Seniors” since 2018.

According to MHCC, everyone will benefit from this training.  MHFA Seniors is intended to increase the capacity of seniors, families, friends, staff in care settings and communities to promote mental health in seniors, prevent mental illness and suicide wherever possible in seniors and intervene early when problems first emerge.  During the 14 hours training, participants will be guided to explore the health needs of seniors, and mental health problems including Mood Disorders and Suicide, Anxiety Disorders, Substance Related Disorders, Dementia, Delirium and Psychosis.  Clear action plan and resources will be introduced.  Participants who have fulfilled the training requirement will be eligible for a certificate of completion by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC).