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Frequently Asked Questions - Resident and Family

FAQs - Resident and Family

Wing Kei does not and cannot accept direct applications for residence. All applicants must contact Alberta Health Services for an assessment.  This assessment will determine the level of care and type of services that this individual may require.

Information Required for the Community Care Access Office at Alberta Health Services:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Personal Health Number
  • Physician’s Name
  • Current Medical Situation
  • Any Secondary Support Received
  • Other information as required (e.g. needs of the individual)

After an assessment is done, a Community Care Coordinator will arrange a home visit to determine the services required and the options available to the individual.  An interpreter can be requested, if necessary.

For more information, please contact the Community Care Access office (Alberta Health Services) at:
English: (403) 943-1920

Or visit their website at

Wing Kei Crescent Heights provides services for residents who have complex medical conditions and unpredictable needs that require 24 hour care. Wing Kei Greenview provides services for residents whose medical conditions are more stable, supporting them to maintain as much independence as possible, with daily nursing and personal care.

After an assessment has been completed by Alberta Health Services, and a residential care option is deemed appropriate, the individual’s name will be placed on the waiting list. In the period prior to admission into a residential care facility, clients will often continue to receive personal care support at home.  The Alberta Health Services’ priority is to locate a suitable bed for the individual as soon as possible.  When a place in an appropriate residential facility in the region is offered, you may accept the offer.  If desired, a transfer (at a later date) to a preferred care facility is possible if and when space permits.

In order to be considered for the Adult Day Program, candidates may seek referral from the Alberta Health Services Home Care office at 8-11.  Home Care clients may speak to their Case Manager.

For more information, please contact our Community Care Department at (403) 769-9954.

Transportation can be arranged through Calgary Transit Access for Adult Day Program Clients.