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Stampede Special Lunch

To celebrate Stampede in July, all of our residents enjoyed a special Stampede themed meal.

This special Stampede Lunch includes Grilled Pork Sausages with a croissant alongside Zucchini. Served on the side are Tomato and Vegetable Soup and Chinese Bean Curd Dessert Soup. This meal is both delicious and healthy.

Special Stampede Lunch 牛仔節午餐


Come back soon to see our Mid-Autumn Festival meal!

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Did You Know?

  • HQCA (Health Quality Council of Alberta) on July 2020 gave Wing Kei a food rating score of 81, compared to an average of 72 in Calgary Continuing Care centres
  • Wing Kei's serves 7 different types of congee and 9 kinds of Chinese dessert soups throughout a 4 week menu
  • Wing Kei's has a seasonal menu that is updated twice a year with new dishes

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