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Chinese New Year (農曆新年)

Chinese New Year's Eve is a time of reunion and celebrates the successes of the past year. Residents were treated with a special lunch (團年飯).

To welcome the new year residents were treated with a special new year lunch (開年飯).

Thank you to a generous donor who treated all of our residents with turnip cake (蘿蔔糕) which was added as a special breakfast treat! For the seventh day of the new year, we celebrated universal birthday (人日) with a longevity bun (壽桃) for all residents.

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Did You Know?

  • HQCA (Health Quality Council of Alberta) on July 2020 gave Wing Kei a food rating score of 81, compared to an average of 72 in Calgary Continuing Care centres
  • Wing Kei's serves 7 different types of congee and 9 kinds of Chinese dessert soups throughout a 4 week menu
  • Wing Kei's has a seasonal menu that is updated twice a year with new dishes

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