Our Impacts

Do you know the impact of your generosity? Check out our stories on how Wing Kei fosters the mission of serving our seniors with love and compassion.

Gordon Lam, one of the leaders at Food Services at Wing Kei, has joined us since 2015. In this video, Gordon will tell us why he loves working in Wing Kei so much.


Video by: ASCHA - Alberta Senior Communities & Housing Association

Mr. and Mrs. Tsang were overwhelmed with joy of being “reunited” again after living in separate care facilities for the last  6 years.  While they are enjoying a double room, their family is also grateful for the arrangement and feels relieved that finally their lovely parents are spending their days together again. The Tsang family is highly confident of the excellent care they will receive in Wing Kei. 

This is the impact that we have made for our Wing Kei residents and seniors. Mrs. Mui has been living at Wing Kei Crescent Heights since 2005. First, as a retirement resident and later on, due to her health conditions, as a long-term care resident. She complimented on Wing Kei’s “Chinese-tailored” environment by serving Chinese meals and having staff who are able to communicate with the residents in Chinese.