Our Stories

Do you know the impact of your generosity? Check out our stories on how Wing Kei fosters the mission of serving our seniors with love and compassion.

This is the impact that we have made for our Wing Kei residents and seniors. Mrs. Mui has been living at Wing Kei Crescent Heights since 2005. First, as a retirement resident and later on, due to her health conditions, as a long-term care resident. She complimented on Wing Kei’s “Chinese-tailored” environment by serving Chinese meals and having staff who are able to communicate with the residents in Chinese

Some of Wing Kei's most notable volunteers have been with us since their school-age years, Amanda Yee is one of them. She provides tremendous support to our programs on a regular basis. But volunteering is a two-way street; you give and you get. What is her takeaway? Let's hear from Amanda about her story. 

Sean has brought big smiles to many residents at Wing Kei, especially those who join the weekend programs such as Pastoral Services. Throughout these years, Sean has developed unique leadership skills. He is now one of the leaders in Wing Kei Youth Council.